Polaris Ranger 900/1000 King Cobra™ (level 2)

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King Cobras 2’s are designed to handle any situation you may encounter, making for an extremely versatile option that you can count on.


  • American made components using a combination of High Strength Steel.
  • Our high-performance CV grease “VENOM” comes standard in all King Cobras.
  • Rzeppa style CV’s that will achieve high angles, articulate freely with no binding, and extend further than stock axles.
  • The shaft itself will allow for a high degree of twist BEFORE and AFTER yield point is reached to absorb high impact scenarios and keep you on the trail.
  • We use the highest quality CV boots to keep the elements out and the grease in.
  • Just like all our axles, we can make modifications and rebuild them.
  • Backed by an industry best 1 year warranty.