Honda Foreman Cobra HD

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Cobra HD axles yield substantial strength improvement at an affordable cost. Typically, we recommend Cobra HD’s for up to 7 inches over the OEM base model tire size (If you are unsure if this meets you needs feel free to contact us).

What makes us unique in this price range?

Cobra makes our own axles; therefore, unlike many of our competitors, we can make slight modifications and repairs on these economical HD axles if something is not fitting/performing correctly on your application.


  • Oversized components featuring our propriety combination of materials for a well-balanced, cost-effective axle.
  • Rzeppa style CV’s that will achieve high angles, articulate freely with no binding and extend further than stock axles.
  • We use the highest quality CV boots to keep the elements out and the grease in.
  • Backed by an industry best 1 year warranty.